Monday, September 29, 2008

Lateral Hyetography - Some Girlzzz (Really Coastal CS)

Well I'll be damned if this isn't a legitimate cassingle. And I thought they didn't make them like they used to. Hell, the last cassingle I'd seen was that copy of Mariah Carey's "Butterfly" I scored at Goodwill. Love that jam.

As for this one, Lateral Hyetography is some guy named Jon Issac, who's played with the likes of Pocahaunted, (VxPxC), Robedoor, Mudboy and White Rainbow. This is his first release on what I gather to be his own Really Coastal label. The tape looks quite professional, pro printed etc., but the sounds are more muddy and distorted pop. Starts off quite cheery, with some loping along, let's go for a ride round the block drum machine loop and garage-y guitar muddiness over some hooky vocal melody, chorus and all. It's cutesy as hell, like the Feelies playing over some Ducktails tropical beat style beat before descending into murkier waters. Eventually the whole thing gets pretty cloudy with shimmering high tones oscillating out over the guitar chords. Organ in there too, all played by Issac. Side two is the same track acoustic style, but only if you define acoustic solely in terms of the guitars. Actually, side B has some old analog synth on it, which gives the whole thing a weird buzzing alien descent vibe. The instrumental interlude on that side in particular really shimmers, and the quirky as hell vocal stylings have that creepy childhood thing going on. More Animal Collective-y than the first side.

Bonus feature too: if you're jamming this automobile style, side B has the same track, so you don't even have to rewind to keep getting the hooks. Keep your ears to the ground, this could be the biggest cassingle to drop since Whitney Houston covered "Star Spangled Banner." Except it's good and fun as hell. Already sold out at the label, but a second pressing is on its way as well as releases by other groups including Metal Rouge. Worth keeping up on for sure.

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