Friday, April 17, 2009

Electric Annihilation - #1 (Electric Annihilation)

A bunch of new reviews coming up, including the new batch from DNT, some stuff on Deep Water, more Stunned, House of Alchemy, etc. etc. but first I figured I'd hype this new publication from Tynan and some other dudes associated with DNT. It's a great little rag, especially for their first time out, with interviews with a bunch of favorites including Sun Araw, Wet Hair (a track from which the title of the mag is pulled), Thurston Moore (of course) and a bunch more. Cool little scene reports from Sam Goldberg on Cleveland, Shawn Reed on Iowa, Matthias Andersson on Sweden and brief little chats with Steve Hauschildt from Emeralds an Henry Rollins on noise as the new bebop. Perhaps Mr. Rollins... I guess that's why he drops $250 on every American Tapes release that shows up on ebay but for my money I'll just snag the new shit and call it a day. Either way, it's great work and it's made by the inside, so there's some genuine dialogue here that's pretty far removed from your average Pitchfork hero worship. Plus there's 5000 copies of this joint, so you can find em all over for cheap, which basically leaves you no excuse whatsoever. Psyched for more to come from this situation.

Over the next couple weeks I'm gonna sneak in some blog-only reviews here and there, but I'm finishing up my gigantic senior project, so times is tough. Will probably get another review or so in today, but after this is all finished there'll definitely be a flood of reviews so keep your eyes peeled. Quick plug though for that new Sean McCann tape while we're on the DNT discussion topic. No joke, it's crazy killer.

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