Friday, January 16, 2009

Fossils From the Sun - Somebody's Gotta Lose (Abandon Ship Records 3" CD-R)

Seems I'm always coming back to those Century Plants guys, but with their collective abilities and the rate of their release schedule it's tough not to. Back when that Rambutan 3" I reviewed earlier was put out, it was paired with this baby from Ray Hare from Century Plants' other half.

Where Hardiman moves into psych realms pretty quick, Hare tends to prefer sheer wailing, and his guitar loops here do just that. A certain weight is imbued in all of the proceedings here as a thick chunking chord progression is strummed out under this frenzied solo which moves around all sorts of realms. The situation calls for a good deal of head-nodding (in the good way) as territories are spread and horizons broadened. Hare's ability to take a simple idea and patiently expand upon it makes for super rewarding listening.

As the piece approaches its halfway point, Hare enters with vocal utterances and looping two beat statements which decay outward from the inferno guitar at its core. Things just keep building into the light, reaching a degree of feverish bliss that can only be achieved by the commitment of its creator.

Fuzzy bass rumblings fit themselves into the loop towards the ten minute mark before everything else except it just stops dead. The rest of the track is dedicated to that stuttering bleakness while vocal grunts and almost choral melodies are sprayed about. When everything cuts out again, to reveal Hare's lonesome singing, it makes for a grim and insular end to an explosively congested piece. Another good one from Abandon Ship and the Century Plants camp!

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