Monday, January 19, 2009

Sasqrotch / Yuko Chino - Split (DNT Records CS)

Never got around to this split on DNT so it got tucked away for a bit, which is a real shame considering the content therein. Splitting the action between two groups, the split explores some of the darkest territory a DNT release has contained, splitting the bill between the awesomely named Sasqrotch and Yuko Chino, the side project of Sasqrotch bassist and guitar player Danny.

The first side is given over to the group effort, whose doom laden drone rock is thick and soupy as guitar wails are sent spiraling down into the vortex. It's a grizzly scene to be sure, but it does contain a certain intimacy and bedroom charm (though I suppose that's only the case if you can find the same in the likes of Robedoor or some other dark droners). The difference I suppose is that this isn't really drone so much as chiseled down rock forms, more in line with Sunn 0))) if they were to loosen their grip. Sax wails scream something creepily close to "Taps" as played from Uncle Sam's grave while crazy ghoulish howls emerge from the black. Totally heavy material here, with a definite end-of-days, dirge-like vibe. Even when it gets quieter, hunkering down into its lonely gloom, the terror is only amplified. Then the drums drop. And now Sasqrotch, cloaks in hand, display their true colors as the doom-metal scream heads that they are. And it is heavy as a black hole and expansive and just totally ruling.

If you expected anything less from the Yuko Chino side, then the first sign you were right would be the cheerily innocent child singing like he's along some god forsaken gumdrop road. The first sign you were wrong would be the leaving of said child in favor of a minor melodic progression that is soon overlaid with the most shreddingest guitar loop ever. The bass and drums come next, and all too soon this thing has worked itself into a dark instrumental realm for harsh effected vocals to scream across like a razor to canvas. Raw as can be. Next comes the buzzing, which is accompanied by guitar twang and heavy bass oscillations while feared whispers turn into screams. Just bleak as hell, and totally killer.

Super nice split and another success from DNT. The two sides fit right in next to each other but be warned. This ain't break up music. It's breakdown music.

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Roberto Calvi said...

cool review, thanks! danny/yxc