Monday, July 27, 2009

Island's Eyelid's - Eyelands I (Roll Over Rover CS)

Soooo many beautiful items in of late, so I'll just hit the ground running with this representative from the new Roll Over Rover batch, all of which is beautiful. This one presents the solo work of one of the ROR lads' high school friends, proudly presented as the first east coast title in the label's catalog. Being an east coast boy myself it's comforting to know that we're not excluded from the magic happening over there in Sun Land--I was beginning to feel left out.

Anyway--and wouldn't ya know it?--this lad is super capable as well, finding a nice crevice of mush to slink into that's just as blissed and blown as anything else on the label, substituting the folk/Appalachian hints of the Westies for bubbly pounding and momentous bathing. Whole thing gives off the vibe of one gigantic group bathhouse, with everyone feeling wild and soapy and totally cleansed. "Geometric Hangover (((one more likwid knight)))" sorta gargles its way forward into some leviathan stomachs, nice and warm and intestinal but also loose enough to warrant the general excitement associated with said devouring. "Constant Comet///////and the view from Istanbeach" is, somehow, a real a song, even claiming lyrical content with lines such as "One by One, Who Won?," though the whole thing slips away soon as it arrives and you could just as well decipher a word of it as you could try and screw your skull back on once its over and done with. Real pulsing noggin brainwashing undergone here. HeaV/Dy stuff.

Blackout rain coming in over here, which according to the maestro's words means that I've somehow positioned myself in the ideal listening conditions--whole thing was made during June when it rained nigh every day in New York and, being an East coaster and having some pride at stake in the matter here, I suppose that gives me a bit of a leg up here on the narrative. Or not though. The second side is just as warped, opening with "Pelican Praises it's Prey," whose looped cackle actually does resemble the lightning it's supposed to, though it sure feels a bit more super heated than anything I've seen in these summer months. Nice trickling lines drift under though, splotching the beats into submission and making it damn pretty in the process; a real cruiser if you will. "Circle Round the Son" has an equally punny (yuk yuk...) title as "Possibleye Gone Wrong," but it's a bit more grooving. I do declare, the whole second side is damn near club worthy if I do say so myself. Neon night style, only without the over indulgent drug vision--just pure, good old fashioned fun with a pitstop off at some reservoir-hidden rave. A good bit stoned maybe, but a relatively clean crowd after little more than a hot night in the Big Apple. Great. "Try Angles & Bees" drips about nicely too, caressing jagged brick-lined window panes with its muted punctuation and hazy recognition. A nice closer to a real good time. Real good. Time. Thanks to Karl Bauer aka Axolotl in there too, so you know the dude's in good company.

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