Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sunshine System Sometimes - Celestial Shimmer (House of Sun CS)

Also in from Foxy Digitalis:

An Ontario based duo, Sunshine System Sometimes presents their debut offering, as well as their label’s maiden voyage, in the form of this mammoth hour-long offering. Initially opening with some lazy guitar drift, heavily leaning on the deckchair headboard, the sound soon takes a turn toward a more surprising hiss replete with ricocheting psych lines beneath. The deeper the guitar gets buried the more distant the back porch vibe becomes, but it does lay there in the background, creating a strong contrast between care free summer celebration and grating buzz and fuzz factory accompaniment. By side’s end any warmth is a distant memory until a bass heavy, tape-hiss infused bass jammer closes it out with slightly less arthritic intensions.

The second side’s looming opening is hardly a call to arms, but its foreboding character points toward the pursuits of the next half-hour. Slipping away though, the work becomes something of a musique concrete excursion, if not in makeup then in approach. Sounds come and present themselves behind a vast expanse of emptiness, then slip away again briefly. Soon the sounds turn into a veritable brass section of carousing, divisive horn lines billowing out and again, slipping away—of course it likely is all guitar, which makes it all the more intriguing. It’s an impressive vision, if not totally complete in realization. Still, an interesting listen whose surprises far outnumber what one might guess from the outset. Spaced stuff that travels many zones.

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