Friday, May 22, 2009

Black Guys - Black History (Sicksicksick / Hype Machine CD)

In from Foxy Digitalis:

A collection of New Mexican noise duo Black Guys’ 3” and cassette output thus far, this pro-pressed anthology is as swell a place to start as any in acquiring these guys’ tough to track down output.

Beginning with their 2006 release “Outkast Blakface,” the disc is chock full of the duo’s clattering and grinding take on noise. Much of the first release’s sound is actually quite stark and just downright weird, with odd samples and contact mic whirls meshing into a weird for weird’s sake kinetic babble. “The Reparations Will Not be Televised” garbles along with a descending high note that seeps up from beneath the carriage wheels to wreak havoc on your mental state while “Black by Popular Demand” presents two tracks—“You Mean the World to Me” and “White Chicks are Free”—that really seek out the outer reaches of inner discourse. Very insular stuff, but warm in its own way. Like putting a frog in water and letting it simmer. Same goes for the humorously titled “Fear of a Black President,” whose mushy rumble blows steam wherever it goes.

The closing “(Interracial) Noise Conspiracy” is a bonus track only found here, and its deranged rhythms and female grunts are a real chilly end to this comp. It’s a hell of a sound and these guys clearly have a serious grasp on their approach. Fried, fried, fried.

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