Thursday, May 7, 2009

Burnt Hills - Over the Rainbow (Noiseville LP)

And the cruise controls into the early evening with the one and only Burnt Hills, who I hear are putting out their killer Microburst disc on vinyl shortly, if they haven't already. This one here came out a couple months back though, and is indeed the group's introductory vinyl excursion via the Noiseville label and their Outer Bounds of Sound series. I like the aesthetic with these, each one set up like one of those hi-fidelity releases from back in the day. You know, AND NOW IN QUADROPHONIC SOUND style. Cool look and a nice little cover.

As for the jams, they're quintessential Burnt Hills. Which of course means that they rule. Actually, it sounds like a smaller unit this time out, meaning that the beginning is super tight and almost songy, with the usual riffage riding above rock solid bass and drums. Even some synth weirdness going on beneath that is played wonderfully in the context of everything else going on. The Hills dudes man, they always do it right. That signature maniacal guitar shredding that guides the entire unit back and forth as one gigantic steaming pile driver. Totally slayer.

The group actually seems to be getting a bit tighter lately, really getting a grasp on their sound and pulling off some more subtle improvisations as a result. Not that Burnt Hills has ever been about subtlety, and surely the group never lets go of their cajones during the proceedings, but there is a swing to the beast in recent releases that was often obscured by pure fuzz mania earlier on. It's almost like the group, in making their wall and allowing the cracks in it to widen, has arrived at something both transparent and thick. Each line is clear, each move noticeable, yet if you take in the whole thing at once it's a total barrage of basement wall bouncing groove. Killer one, totally together and a beautiful package. Limited to 300, so check Jack's Flipped Out website for copies, he's sure to have a few. Awesome always. Long live Burnt Hills.

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