Friday, May 8, 2009

Foot Village - Fuck the Future 2 (Gilgongo Records CD)

When last we checked in on the Foot Village crowd in these quarters, it was with their Friendship Nation LP, a real stormer of drum and vocal mayhem. Now, in anticipation of their upcoming Anti Magic full length (which, might I add, features a collection of remixes of their "Chicken and Cheese" track including one by yours truly) they've returned with a collection that culls a bunch of vinyl only samplings of their work and throws them together in CD format. Considering that some of their best sides have been one-offs or part of compilations, this is a wise move, and one that makes this disc feel far more complete than most collections can.

Of course if you expected anything new with their sound, you'd be sadly mistaken. Foot Village more or less always sticks with their approach, keeping the reins tight and trying to be as creative as possible within it, which makes for some super swell results. Take the wonderfully titled "Comparable Love in the Time of Development," pulled from a triple LP they were featured on with five other groups. One member recites naive poetry that's as humorous and mocking as it is sincere. All the while, pittering cymbals suggest an incoming barrage. When it comes, it somehow finds the space between No Wave, hardcore and house band all in one. "Iceland," from a 7" on Rock is Hell, is a drifting vocal with echoing drums that does get chillier than most of their work manages. Very eerie until the avalanche descends and its all cavernous resounding of pulses. Very strange and quite beautiful.

Other highlights include "Race Till the End of Food," which is off of the DNT split with Black Pus that I reviewed a ways back, as well as "Crow Call," off a 7" on Too Pure, which actually presents some electro-dance stuff below the chiming of the phrase "I am number three, what number are you?" Super dancey and fun as hell, just great party music. Also in the dance realm is the closing "The Power of HEALTH," a remix by Captain Ahab that's basically full on techno style with weird drifting vocals and a distinctly Foot Village focus on simple, head-bangable beats. Great stuff, and super tough to track it all down other than here. Really great way to catch up on the very busy unit, and another fine release from James Fella's Gilgongo. Love his label, more to come from him shortly.

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