Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kane Pour - Wand in the Beak of a Yellow Bird (Housecraft CS)

Alright, last review of the day. Got a couple bonuses in the mail from Jeff when I made a recent purchase of some Housecraft related items, and I dug them both so much I figured I'd give em the write-up. I'd never heard of either group--the Tuluum being the other--but this tape is a real jangly situation, which come summer time is right where I want to be generally.

The thing opens with lots of weird little quasi-free jazz flute action buried among some bending string lines and broken mirror drones. Nice vibe here, hovers just out of reach like some bright orange object in the sky. Still as can be really, considering the amount of movement going on in it. Actually, the whole tape is only 20-minutes, so it reminds me a bit of that last Josh Burke I got from Housecraft. Ten minutes a side works surprisingly nicely, giving the group enough time to pace themselves without losing one's ability to pay attention to it. Though I suppose often times that's the point... still though, here there's enough to pay attention to that getting lost seems less ideal than simply coexisting in intrigue. Eventually slipping into a more hollowed out portion of the valley, the piece is full of lush opacity and gentle body sways. Funny little piano closer too, fits right in and serves to really make the ten minutes feel full.

The following side is, if anything, even lighter fare, sounding almost like some way slowed down "Pharaoh's Dance" or something. Really soft and easy, this is some rest by the gardens of antiquity and sip of the nectar of the gods shit. Just as effective as the first side, the thing rolls along with ease, never skipping a step or missing a cue. Just lazy river accompaniment. That is until, surprise of surprises, this steady pulse comes out of nowhere, like some hyper techno bass drum beat just sliding about among variations on itself. Spaces the thing way out and turns it into a super weirdo basement sound in about a second flat, the thing just gesticulates about for a bit before receding back to where it came from, soft as before. It's a surprise for sure, but one that really makes the brief stay within the album unique. Some of the nicest stuff I've heard this year and limited as hell (to 50 that is) so grab one.

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