Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuluum Shimmering - Longhouse Spirits Gather for Fragrant Island River Dreams (Housecraft CS)

So here's another one Jeff sent me in that last package, and so far I haven't seen this bad boy up on the website at all, so who knows where this number is, though I do have the 45th of 50 copies, so safe to say they were all made at least. Still, never saw this one posted anywhere, maybe it'll be included in the next update or something, though I'm pretty sure it is available.

Adding to the mystery, I have no idea who this project's participants are, nor really anything else. There might be one dude, or maybe four, but safe to say it's on the lower end considering the minimal slant of the sound here. Two sides of gently shaken psych drift here that's super nicely paced and drifting. Word has it that there are four tracks here, but for my money it's better to just take the whole thing as one long zoner. They all more or less present a similar angle on the same sound, with plenty of loping, lazy river lounging rhythms, meandering flute loops and rest easy synth stuff. Not so much new new age though, more new jungle age. Second track almost reads like a Monopoly Child jam slowed down a tad and stripped to its essentials, which can't possibly be a bad thing if you're reading this blog regularly at all.

The other nice thing here is the sheer quantity of music. Maybe it's the mood, but this tape feels like it sets the cruise control to 50 and just rides on and on. Like J.D. Emmanuel jamming with Don Cherry circa Brown Rice and Damo Suzuki (who showed up just to set the mood). Really nice, and two-sided for maximum pleasure cruising. Summer's arrived at last, and these last two Housecraft offerings set the tone magnificently. Adorned with more typically rad Astin artwork as well.


nestor said...

This was on the site for a short while, guess it sold out quickly. I'm glad I got a copy.

Henry Smith said...

Yeah it's a good one for sure. Keep jamming this one as it gets warmer...