Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rover Encyclopedia Volume One - Fishing (Roll Over Rover CD-R)

Here's another one from the Roll Over Rover camp. This disc presents some live material that finds Sean McCann and Old Softy/fellow Roll Over Rover head Dave McPeters in cohoots on some pretty dreamy and gentle stuff. Not sure what renders this as part of the Encyclopedia series (perhaps it's the live thing?), but placement aside, it's a swell disc for sure.

The whole thing presents three tracks, opening with a nice and lengthy drift work that sways nice and easy like, with hushed choruses and guitar sifting out across long stretches of dunes. Sounds like the soundtrack to some extended open ocean shot, or maybe a Himalayan fly-by. Real austere and lovely, and it never really changes pace either which is swell in my book. Just continues further into the wee hours of some endless night.

If anything, the second track is even sparer. Reads almost like Loren Connors accompanyiing 1/2 on Music for Airports or something, only without any of the overtly vocal elements of 1/2 or any of the folk referencing of Connors. So really not much like either I guess... still, the feel is there, with this beautiful hollowed out sound that pushes a lot of air around between gusts, allowing the dust to settle between each draft. Still as they come, like hearing the echoes of some lonely church organist playing into the night.

The final track is the longest here at over twenty minutes, and given the time allotment it ends up being the busiest as well. Though in comparison, that's not really saying much. Nice gasps of blown out synth tone and warm shuddering guitar work that builds into a pretty deep set of reverberating pockets that reflect any light shown on them. Lovely new new age style stuff, though far hazier than a lot of those dudes get. Actually kind of has a similar feel to Xiphiidae or something despite a pretty different sound than that. Nice one and another scorcher--midnight style this time--from this latest ROR batch. Souled out from the label, but check the usual spots.

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