Monday, June 22, 2009

Pier - Improvable (For Noise's Sake CD-R)

Just received this cool little package a few days back from Madrid-based label For Noise's Sake, which included some super nice looking numbers. Loved this one best of all package-wise of course, as the CD inside the envelope inside the ziplock gave it a special kind of toxic vibe.

No disappointments sound-wise either. I hadn't heard of Pier, but it's a pretty crazed situation they've got going on there as they take the 20-minutes present here to rally some pretty rattly improv goop gathered around thudding cardboard drumwork, shredded guitar mingling and some sax/trumpet/kazoo freak outs. Really tough to grab on to anything here as it all kind of rallies together, pulling from hardcore, free jazz, Beefheartian destruction and total free-rock mayhem. Might as well be some homemade instruments LAFMS thing or something. Like Airway redux maybe, only played with shit for equipment.

It's cool to hear a band letting loose and getting undeniably zany without being silly or overly conscious of themselves. This is some dedicated shit that's far more about finding their own groove than purposeful demolition. You can hear it in the little mini riffs that various members find themselves at a given point--the bassist rocking a near Chili Peppers line before losing it and throwing the axe down, the guitar hitting some chords and calling it quits when they realize they're playing something they've heard before. And when they all converge it's that much more effective for it. At least if you're of a certain mindset I suppose... Really nice and shattered sound, much more to come from this label (and hey, even one more from this band it looks like!). Cool beans, real stuff that gets moving and just don't quit.

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