Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Old Rig - Entrances (Kimberly Dawn 3" CD-R)

Another one from Frank Baugh's Kimberly Dawn label, this time from someone working under the name Old Rig. Had a tape out on Digitalis, but other than that I know nothing about the dude, except that this is one gnarly little platter. Gnarly good and just plain old gnarly really. Two cuts here, each running about ten minutes, but way more zones touched upon then that. Super weird and spaced.

First track opens super ruggedly, with electronic babble and odd, nauseating undulations bending all over the map. Totally wiley and way off balance, it's really quite the opener for the thing, especially considering the dry suburban sameness on the cover. Definitely a trapped kind of scene here until this gentle humming gets laid atop, appearing to stretch the tape jumps out into a kind of ambience before ttoally submerging intot he dream atmospherics. Keeps moving further into bliss land for a bit, droning on before crumbling again, swaying back toward the white hum and ultimately just sort of fizzling out. Wiley.

Next track starts from the wreckage of the first, presenting some white noise loops that sizzle patiently for a bit before synth meanderings lead it out of the dust and into the gust, lazily spilling over and letting all that silt drag itself across the landscape while an easy little whistling meanders about, eventually growing into full on genie-style dementia. Like a swarm of people-faced bugs singing tiny melodies to you while you sit on the porch and let it all calm itself. Nice tunage, hope there's more out there from this dude.

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